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10 Useful Tips and Tricks From Experts In Smartphone Photography | Big Rig Media

10 Useful Tips and Tricks From Experts In Smartphone Photography

As a follow-up to our recent blog article “Do You Understand the Power of Images in Marketing?” we wanted to give you 10 useful tips and tricks from experts in smartphone photography to help you achieve better photo images which will help you with your marketing efforts:

A New Generation of Social Media Networks Set to Explode in 2019 | Big Rig Media

A New Generation of Social Media Networks Set to Explode

Here are three social media networks set to explode in 2019: 3. WhenHub applies GPS location services with a vision to tell stories with time by creating Whencasts —visualizations for stories happening over time to embed on websites or send to people.

Do You Understand the Power of Images? | Big Rig Media

Do You Understand the Power of Images in Marketing?

Images Work You could probably say the ability to recall, learn from, and emotionally respond to images lies in our DNA. Sixty-six percent of people state they learn best visually. Below are additional stats on the power of images in marketing: Images are ranked as the most important tool, ahead of text and video by … Read More

Reasons to use social media | Big Rig Media

Reasons to Use Social Media

Companies used to get involved with social media mainly to connect with audiences. That has expanded to include the following reasons:

Facebook Advertising

Do you use Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Advertising If you are considering or are currently advertising on Facebook, keep in mind that the process is constantly evolving on the biggest social platform in the world. Below are some approaches gaining traction for advertisers on the site: “Facebook recommends that brands add Messenger ads to their campaigns. Internal tests already show an … Read More

Pinterest- Internet Marketing

Three Examples of Internet Marketing

Pinterest One technique to consider is rich pins that include relevant meta tags. The five rich pin categories are: Product: pricing and other buying information. Recipe: cooking times, ingredients, and serving sizes. Article: link, headline, and author name. Movie: ratings, reviews, and cast members. Place: contact information and a map. One tip to remember with … Read More


Quick Tips for Boosting Customer Reviews

Small business owners need to be proactive in securing more positive and detailed reviews of products and / or services in Google and Yelp. Following are a few tips to spur reviews: Insert online review requests into your email marketing campaigns. You can automate these messages. Complete your Google business profile. Request a review right … Read More