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Thoughts on the Latest Technology News, Marketing Tips & Must-Have Gadgets.

Password Security Tips | Big Rig Media

Password Security Tips

Cybersecurity Ventures suggest that 300 billion passwords will be in use by 2020! The average internet user uses 90 accounts that require passwords. How do we remember them all? One Naples, Florida marketer uses the same core content for all passwords and then tacks on unique combinations related to the site to help her remember … Read More

Big Rig Media Gadget of the Month - The Michelob Ultra Caddie Bag

Gadget of the Month: Caddie Bag

The tricked-out golf bag includes a fully functional 128-ounce refillable keg with a tap handle and pint glasses, Bose Bluetooth speaker, LED lighting, and a built-in tablet for streaming media. Isn’t just a matter of time before the Michelob Ultra Caddie Bag is available to everyone?

Do You Believe These Cyber Security Myths? | Big Rig Media

Do You Believe These Cyber Security Myths?

Below are myths you want to caution yourself against believing for either your personal or business cyber system security. The cyber security myths are listed first: Your business is safe with strong passwords – data monitoring and two-factor authentication is now the standard. One hundred percent cyber security is achievable – new threats emerge daily, … Read More

General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation and What It Means For You

A Fact Sheet Will the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) impact US businesses? Also, there is a lot of information about GDPR on the internet. The two sources used for the above information are: Make sure you review GDPR and know about any impact to your business. The fines levied … Read More


Imagine logging onto to your computer to check out the status of your website’s Google ranking, only to find a notification under your URL that says: “This Site May Be Hacked.” Worse yet, you find out that your site has actually been shut down. This happened recently to one of our former BIG RIG MEDIA … Read More

Ten 2018 Technology Predictions

Below are ten predictions on the direction of technology next year from Juniper Research. Amazon and Facebook lead OTT bids for major sporting rights AI and Blockchain to power numerous fintech and insurance solutions Edge computing to fast track the internet of things Facial recognition applications surge Apple, Facebook, Google bring social payments to the … Read More