Below are myths you want to caution yourself against believing for either your personal or business cyber system security.

The cyber security myths are listed first:

  • Anti-malware and virus applications keep you safe – the reality is that no software can protect against all cyber risks.
  • Threats to your system come from the outside – the reality suggests that insider threats are harder to identify and just as likely to occur.
  • SMBs are not targeted by hackers – in 2017, small to medium size businesses represented 58% of victims.

Do You Believe These Cyber Security Myths? | Big Rig Media

  • Your business is safe with strong passwords – data monitoring and two-factor authentication is now the standard.
  • One hundred percent cyber security is achievable – new threats emerge daily, making cyber preparation a constant task.

If your staff is accessing work information with personal devices, all smart devices can compromise a system and because of the stealth of modern malware, breaches can be hard to detect.

Look holistically at cyber security for your business to protect against these nasty threats.

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