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Data Gathering Methods & Increasing Customer Retention | Big Rig Media

Increasing Customer Retention

As one of the most important assets you have, customer data can be challenging to collect. Consider the following data gathering methods to help you access information while boosting customer retention. In addition: Collect Minimal Customer Information in a simple and straightforward manner. Use Surveys for qualitative data. Offer Incentives like discounts or a free … Read More

The Top 3 Mobile Payment Future Trends | Big Rig Media

Mobile Payments

The $601 billion mobile payment market of 2019 is expected to rise to $4,574 billion by 2023! Major players in the market are looking to small and medium businesses (SMBs) to handle their mobile payment business. The top three mobile payment future trends include:

Internet Security and Protecing Your Small Business | Big Rig Media

Internet Security – Protect Your Small Business!

Symantec’s 2019 Internet Security Threat Report Suggests the Following: What Can Small Businesses Do? The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released 9 cybersecurity tips for small businesses: Establish internet connection firewall security. Build a cybersecurity plan for mobile devices. Ingrain internet security principles in all employees. Apply best practices with payment cards and mobile payments. Install … Read More

Eight Body Language Tips to Consider | Big Rig Media

Eight Body Language Tips

Body Language Tips Here are some interesting tips about body language to consider as you interact with prospects and customers (or with anyone, for that matter), face to face:

Search Marketing Done by Your Competitors | Big Rig Media

Competitor Help

SpyFu reveals the search marketing done by your competitors. You can perform PPC competitor research, SEO competitor research, keyword research tools, and domain leads and top lists. For example, on keywords you can learn the following about your competitors:

Brand Reputation Management Help | Big Rig Media

Reputation Management Help

One survey suggests that 88% of people trust online reviews and 70% of those survey respondents indicated that a brand’s response to an online comment can alter their perception of the brand. To understand brand reputation management, you must be aware reviews exist. While each reputation company has their own features, they all work like … Read More

10 Useful Tips and Tricks From Experts In Smartphone Photography | Big Rig Media

10 Useful Tips and Tricks From Experts In Smartphone Photography

As a follow-up to our recent blog article “Do You Understand the Power of Images in Marketing?” we wanted to give you 10 useful tips and tricks from experts in smartphone photography to help you achieve better photo images which will help you with your marketing efforts:

Do You Believe These Cyber Security Myths? | Big Rig Media

Do You Believe These Cyber Security Myths?

Below are myths you want to caution yourself against believing for either your personal or business cyber system security. The cyber security myths are listed first: Your business is safe with strong passwords – data monitoring and two-factor authentication is now the standard. One hundred percent cyber security is achievable – new threats emerge daily, … Read More

Horizon Outdoor Hospitality Management

Strategic Partner Feature: Horizon Outdoor Hospitality Group

We get by with a little help from our friends, right? We’d like to introduce you to a gentleman whose been a tremendous supporter of us here at Big Rig Media. Meet Randy Hendrickson, CEO & Founder of Horizon Outdoor Hospitality Group ( Horizon provides a 360 degree suite of services to the outdoor hospitality … Read More