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Password Security Tips | Big Rig Media

Password Security Tips

Cybersecurity Ventures suggest that 300 billion passwords will be in use by 2020! The average internet user uses 90 accounts that require passwords. How do we remember them all? One Naples, Florida marketer uses the same core content for all passwords and then tacks on unique combinations related to the site to help her remember … Read More

UserExperience(UX)design_trend | Big Rig Media

UX Design Trends

User Experience (UX) Design Trends The product or service should take just a second to decipher on your site. For example, anyone can quickly figure out how to use Google by inputting into the simple text box set against a white screen. Notable for 2018 is the use of vibrant colors. Good UX design ties … Read More

Incorporating Video Content

Incorporating Video Content

Embedded video on your site (as opposed to YouTube or Vimeo) can improve your SEO results. A recent survey suggests that 79 percent of customers preferred learning about a product through a video instead of reading a description. Recently, conducted research suggesting viewers are 144 percent more likely to buy an item after they … Read More

data security with SSL

Your Customer’s Data Security

Are your customers getting anxious about their data security on your website? You want this for several reasons: The SSL protects sensitive information like your password, credit card information, or social security number on a website with encryption that ensures that a user’s activity cannot be tracked or their information stolen. SSL is an industry … Read More

Virtual Reality, Web Development Trends

2018 Web Development Trends – A lot of The Alphabet

Are you aware of blockchain, AI, AR/VR, IoT, Hybrid Cloud? We’ve briefly mentioned them before and they are emerging as the website development trends tagged for continued traction in 2018.

Ten Factors that Influence Search Engine Rank

Get Visitors to Your Site Below are ten factors that influence where your website ranks in search engine results pages (SERP). The first five relate to website content. Direct websites visits – these are visitors who do not use a search engine to go to your site. The amount of time visitors spend on your … Read More