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At Big Rig Media, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch hosting solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. However, we often encounter questions regarding the scope of our website hosting services. In this post, we’ll clarify what website hosting services at Big Rig Media entail and why there are certain limitations, especially concerning external platforms like booking engines.

Website Hosting Services 101

Website hosting is the foundation of your online presence. For businesses like RV parks, having a reliable, secure, and accessible website is crucial. Big Rig Media specializes in providing these hosting services, ensuring your site remains operational, secure, and fast. Our hosting services cover everything from server space to technical support, ensuring your website is always up and running.

External Systems and Their Separation

However, it’s important to understand that external systems, such as booking engines (e.g., Newbook, Campspot, ResNexus), operate independently from our website hosting services. These platforms have their own hosting and management systems. While they integrate with your website, they are not directly managed or hosted by Big Rig Media. This separation is crucial for understanding the boundaries of our services.

Big Rig Media’s Role

At Big Rig Media, our expertise lies in designing, developing, and hosting your main website. We ensure your site is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and user-friendly. However, when it comes to external booking systems, our role is limited to integrating these services with your website, not managing or hosting them.

Addressing the Issue and Offering Solutions

We understand this distinction can be confusing. If you encounter issues or need specific functionalities within these external booking systems, reaching out directly to their dedicated support teams is the most efficient way to get specialized assistance.

These teams have in-depth knowledge of their respective systems and are specifically trained to resolve issues or make updates tailored to their platform. This ensures that any complexities or technicalities unique to their system are addressed accurately and promptly.

Big Rig Media’s Own Booking System – Indio

For a more seamless experience, consider using Indio, Big Rig Media’s own booking system. With Indio, you get a user-friendly interface that integrates effortlessly with your website, enhancing both customer experience and management efficiency.

It’s tailored to meet the specific needs of outdoor hospitality businesses, offering a cohesive online experience from website browsing to booking, back-end administration tasks, marketing, and so much more.

Choosing Indio means you’re opting for a streamlined, 360-degree solution that aligns perfectly with the services and support offered by Big Rig Media.

Wrapping Up

Understanding the difference between website hosting services and external systems is key to managing your online presence effectively. At Big Rig Media, we’re committed to providing top-tier hosting services and are here to guide you through integrating external systems like booking engines. Should you have any questions or need assistance, our team is always ready to help. Let’s work together to ensure your website and booking systems run smoothly!

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