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Thoughts on the Latest Technology News, Marketing Tips & Must-Have Gadgets.

The Big Rig Media Advantage

Now is the time to get your website ready for your holiday promotions. Big Rig Media will update your offers, refresh your images and provide an internet presence boost for your business that will pay off for this special, buyer-centric time of year.

Has your business benefited from the power of Google PPCs?

PPCs (Pay Per Clicks) are ads designed where the advertiser pays only when a web user clicks on the ad and is taken to the advertised website. A CPC is the cost per click to the advertiser when someone clicks on the ad. A CPA (cost per acquisition), sometimes referred to as the cost per … Read More

Does Your Website Compete?

Is your website providing a good customer satisfaction experience? Is it selling your product and services? Did your firm grab a share of the 15% 2011 online holiday retail sales increase over 2010? (Note: Cyber Monday beat out all of the other key holiday shopping days including Black Friday by ringing up $1.25 billion in … Read More

Did 2012 slip by with you still being chained to…

The same boring, stagnant website or worse, no web presence at all, while experiencing dynamic changes in your business? Chances are your business changed in 2012. Websites are a business asset that must keep pace with the expanding benefits of your products and services. Use your website to constantly: Attract Inform Sell Use Big Rig … Read More

Three Internet Marketing Trends

Retargeting: This means placing advertisements in front of your prospects after they have left your website without converting. It once more reminds your audience of your value in solving their issues. The World of Multi-screens: 86 percent of mobile users use their devices while watching TV meaning your internet marketing will have to account for … Read More

How Will You Track The Results of Your Next Marketing Campaign?

Here’s one way to do it. Did you know you could easily and very affordably obtain a different, clean, toll-free or local phone number for each ad campaign you run? It is very inexpensive. Put the number on your print, PPCs or other internet ads. Track the origin of your calls with the touch of … Read More

Have You Added QR (Quick Response) Codes to Your Print Material?

If not, you may want to consider it. In fact, this may be a good time to refresh your entire print marketing portfolio. For instance, do you need to: Make sure your web and print messages are synched Re-emphasize your branding Rejuvenate your print graphics Update your offerings Place QR codes on your print material … Read More

As a business owner, do you really have time to do this?

Last month we talked about when a website becomes stale and how often it should be updated. One good general guideline is to think about a brick and mortar store. Once you have the store, do you do nothing? Aren’t there times when products are rotated? Do you ever redecorate the shop?  That may be … Read More