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Part 2: Face-to-Face and Phone Communication Strategies

In Part One of this series, we wrote about how keeping communication going with existing customers is often an overlooked revenue opportunity. We also gave some tips on how to use email to communicate with your existing customers effectively. In Part 2, we will be expanding on the communication topic with some other ways you can effectively engage with your customers that can help keep them coming back to you. So let’s get into face-to-face or phone customer communication strategies that will get you started.

As a recap, when thinking about customer communication from a marketing perspective, there are several different end goals in mind such as selling additional services, encouraging them to buy more frequently, increasing referrals, and the number one goal is to further develop your company’s relationship with its customers.

Verbal Communication Helps Personalize Your Business

Digital marketing is super effective, but nothing beats the human aspect of face-to-face or verbal phone interaction with a business. For example, take a look at many business reviews on Google. You will find that a large majority of customers comment on whether they had positive or negative experiences when interacting with the staff. To put it plainly, a poor face-to-face experience will make your customers search elsewhere for their needs.

The following tips will help you and your employees make the most out of your face-to-face and verbal customer communication opportunities.

Actively Listen

Actively listening without interrupting has a two-fold effect.

  • On the one hand, when you or your employees give your customer eye contact and attempt to really hear what your customer has to say, your customer will feel like their needs are being attended to.
  • Second, people tend to say a whole lot when given the chance. This gives you the perfect opportunity to discover ways in which you can help, which could naturally lead to telling them about other services you offer that may improve their experience with your company.
Make it Personal and Be Empathetic

Addressing your customers by their name is one way to make the interaction feel personal. However, another way is to show a genuine interest in their experience and their needs. Ask them directly how their experience is going, if they feel there is any way it could be improved, etc.

While your customers are telling you what they need, or even what they think you could do better, ensure you and your employees can place themselves in your customer’s shoes. When customer feedback is met with understanding and positive action, it helps develop a bond between customer and business.

Leave the Hard-Sell Tactics at Home

We’ve all run into pushy salespeople. It’s not generally an effective strategy. Of course, you want to encourage your customer to purchase your other products, come back often, and of course, recommend your business to others. The trick is to be more subtle.

You can accomplish this by asking questions and following the above two tips to figure out what your customer is looking for. That way, you can tailor your offerings to their needs specifically in an organic way.

Bring The Digital World Into the Conversation

Social media is an excellent tool to keep your current customers engaged and coming back. You can help keep your customers engaged by simply mentioning it in conversation. For example, “We try to post all the latest deals and events right on our Instagram page, just give @yourhandle a follow.”

Dynamic Phone Numbers Can Provide Customer Data

Do you know which page on your site your customers call from most? Are they picking up the phone after looking at your rates, your amenities, or a specific product? Knowing this information can give you valuable insights into areas that you or your customer service representatives should focus on.

You can track that data and more with dynamic phone numbers, and if you are unsure how to set those up, Big Rig can help you get started. Just give us a call.

Live Chat

Many customers attempt to avoid verbal conversation and would prefer to interact with your company digitally. That is where live chat on your website comes in. Live chat gives customers an opportunity to interact directly with your company, just not verbally. All of the same strategies apply. Pay attention to your customer’s needs and use the information and interaction to help your customer purchase from you more frequently or additional products and services you provide.

Customers statistically rate live chat sessions with better satisfaction than many verbal forms of customer communication. A satisfied customer is more likely to recommend you to their friends and family.

Don’t use live chat yet? Big Rig can help you decide the best and most affordable solution for your business.

Big Rig Can Help You With Your Customer Communication Strategy

When it comes to effective customer communication solutions, Big Rig has the tech, marketing, and consulting experience to answer your questions and build a digital marketing plan that will work seamlessly with your phone and verbal communication strategies. Set up a call, and we will help you develop a plan that fits you and your business.

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