Dynamic Phone Numbers

You may have noticed that company websites and/or their online ads use the same image but different copy, or the same copy with different images, or maybe the phone number changes every time you see it. These are examples of dynamic ads and dynamic phone numbers. In a marketing context, ‘dynamic’ refers to the changing nature of the information being presented and tailored to the viewer.

Most commonly, dynamic phone numbers and ads are used to help track marketing efforts and specific actions by a user. For example, when a customer contacts your business using a dynamic phone number, you can track exactly where they came from, and continue to track their journey with your company, because that phone number is tied to a single customer.

The technique of incorporating dynamic phone numbers is referred to as Dynamic Number Insertion, or DNI. Marketing firms use DNI as one way to collect data about their marketing efforts, customer interactions, Return On Investment (ROI), and more. Specifically, dynamic number insertion can give you access to real-time data that you can use to see where your marketing budget is giving you the best return.

Dynamic phone numbers work by using a pool of phone numbers and displaying a unique number for each webpage or ad view. If the number isn’t used within a certain amount of time, it gets recycled and shown again later. Once a number is used, it becomes associated with the person contacting your business and can be used to help you better understand which of your ad channels is most effective.

If you’re worried about possible SEO conflicts with dynamic number insertion, fear not. When used correctly, dynamic phone numbers can actually help to improve your SEO. By analyzing data collected from DNI, you can fine tune your customer targeting and potentially increase your traffic, which benefits your SEO and in turn provides even more data you can use to fine tune, and so on.

Utilizing Dynamic Phone Numbers

Dynamic number insertion is a great way to track customers and your marketing efforts. If you want to learn more about how to integrate this technique into your business plan, Big Rig Media can help. Contact us today to get started.

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