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10 Useful Tips and Tricks From Experts In Smartphone Photography | Big Rig Media

10 Useful Tips and Tricks From Experts In Smartphone Photography

As a follow-up to our recent blog article “Do You Understand the Power of Images in Marketing?” we wanted to give you 10 useful tips and tricks from experts in smartphone photography to help you achieve better photo images which will help you with your marketing efforts:

A New Generation of Social Media Networks Set to Explode in 2019 | Big Rig Media

A New Generation of Social Media Networks Set to Explode

Here are three social media networks set to explode in 2019: 3. WhenHub applies GPS location services with a vision to tell stories with time by creating Whencasts —visualizations for stories happening over time to embed on websites or send to people.

Do You Understand the Power of Images? | Big Rig Media

Do You Understand the Power of Images in Marketing?

Images Work You could probably say the ability to recall, learn from, and emotionally respond to images lies in our DNA. Sixty-six percent of people state they learn best visually. Below are additional stats on the power of images in marketing: Images are ranked as the most important tool, ahead of text and video by … Read More

Password Security Tips | Big Rig Media

Password Security Tips

Cybersecurity Ventures suggest that 300 billion passwords will be in use by 2020! The average internet user uses 90 accounts that require passwords. How do we remember them all? One Naples, Florida marketer uses the same core content for all passwords and then tacks on unique combinations related to the site to help her remember … Read More

Voice Command, Voice Control

2018: The Age of The Voice

Voice Search Some ways to achieve this are: Think like a searcher. When you know how people search for your company, make sure it’s on your website, blogs, newsletters, etc. Then you will be ready when voice searches make it to the search console. Make sure your site loads fast. Voice searchers are not likely … Read More

Virtual Reality, Web Development Trends

2018 Web Development Trends – A lot of The Alphabet

Are you aware of blockchain, AI, AR/VR, IoT, Hybrid Cloud? We’ve briefly mentioned them before and they are emerging as the website development trends tagged for continued traction in 2018.


Jeff Beyer, Big Rig Media CEO, took some time out at the end of April to attend ICON17, (from Infusionsoft), a conference dedicated solely to business growth, marketing, and networking. Held from April 25 to April 27, 2017, Jeff joined fellow entrepreneurs and marketers in Phoenix, Arizona, for the learning experience. The conference produced more … Read More

Big Rig Media’s Gadget of the Month – 100 Lumens by Brookstone

For those who like to give presentations, this Wireless Mobile Projector– 100 Lumens by Brookstone might be a dream come true! This projector wirelessly connects to your device to project just about anywhere. This is compact, portable and rechargeable and can be used to project anything including the big game!

Big Rig Media’s Cool New Holiday Gadget

R2D2 Coffee Press You might not be a Star Wars fan but chances are you know someone who is. For under $40, this R2D2 Coffee Press is a conversation starter in addition to holding 4 cups or 32 ounces of coffee. It also has the benefits of being an officially-licensed Star Wars piece of merchandise … Read More

mobile ready

Is Your Website Up To The Task?

78% of consumers judge an easy-to-use website as important or very important to holiday shoppers. Big Rig Media will help your site get there. Not just for the holiday season but for all of the times of the year important to your business. In fact, 4 in 5 smartphone holiday shoppers used their phone during … Read More