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Thoughts on the Latest Technology News, Marketing Tips & Must-Have Gadgets.

What will Big Rig Media Do To Effectively Connect You With Social Media?

With four packages designed to fit every budget, you can get Social Media Business Pages, Blog Management, Business Listings, Email Marketing, Pay Per Click Ads, Tech Support, an Editorial Calendar to manage the content, and Google Analytics to track it all. We provide you with: An initial analysis of your social media presence Development of a content marketing … Read More

Are You Visible When Your Customers are in a Buying Mood?

Find Your Prospects Social media includes websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp, Google+ and LinkedIn. Why is this important to your business?     Because that’s where your customers hang out. That’s where your prospects go. Those are the best places to connect with them online. You need a presence on major, global social … Read More


Have you heard about Pinterest? Using it may help your business. Pinterest allows users to create an online wall where they can attach things that interest them. Here are some tips about Pinterest for businesses: Set up a board that will speak to your customers. One where the pins will draw them in. Show what … Read More

Facebook Stats

Here are some statistics regarding the dynamics of Facebook: Facebook reached 1.11 billion users in the world as of May 2, 2013. 48% of 18-34 year olds who check Facebook when they wake up. Every 20 Minutes 1 million links are shared. There are 680,000,000 mobile Facebook users. The average user spends 23 minutes on Facebook on … Read More

Twitter Features and Big Data

Why is it that after you buy clothes online from L.L. Bean that it seems that on every other site you visit, you see their ads? It’s a targeted ad and everyone appears to be doing it. Twitter, for example, is offering targeted ads. Let’s say that you print decals and logos on t-shirts and you want … Read More

Will Being on LinkedIn Help Your Business?

You may have heard more about Facebook, Google + and Twitter but LinkedIn can also be a powerful addition to your social media efforts. Below are some facts (according to user surveys and site stats) about LinkedIn that you might not be aware of: LinkedIn assisted in increasing the marketing and/or branding presence of 37.2% … Read More

Does Your Website Compete?

Is your website providing a good customer satisfaction experience? Is it selling your product and services? Did your firm grab a share of the 15% 2011 online holiday retail sales increase over 2010? (Note: Cyber Monday beat out all of the other key holiday shopping days including Black Friday by ringing up $1.25 billion in … Read More

Three Internet Marketing Trends

Retargeting: This means placing advertisements in front of your prospects after they have left your website without converting. It once more reminds your audience of your value in solving their issues. The World of Multi-screens: 86 percent of mobile users use their devices while watching TV meaning your internet marketing will have to account for … Read More

Facebook Business Pages

Twenty percent of all internet page views are on Facebook. So, it may be time to consider a Facebook webpage for your business. The benefits to this are: Offerings: It is very easy to create new online product and services campaigns in Facebook. Traffic: It is possible to forge long-lasting customer relationships by creating an interactive user … Read More

Are You Preparing for The Next Customer Service Battleground?

It’s no longer about how fast (although that still counts). It’s about how well you respond to a customer. The customer demand for better service generated from explosion of social media drives this today. For example, incoming customer support channels include: 40% Call centers (52% of inbound calls are not resolved on the first contact) … Read More