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Every website should have a goal or a purpose. Unless the purpose is clearly articulated, the visitor may find your site hard to navigate or confusing. Confused visitors ‘bounce.’ Try to tell a friend – in 25 words or less – WHY you are in business and WHAT you aim to accomplish.
Your speech should be something like this…”ABC Motors offers speedy Oil Changes and Tire Rotations at fair prices to local customers so they can get back on the road quickly.” 24 words.
That is the purpose of your business. The number one purpose of your website is to turn visitors into prospects by getting them to take action. The real question is… what action do you want them to take?

Start With A Site Map and End With An Offer

  • Remember making outlines for book reports? A site map is the same thing. It’s a visual representation of the most important topics, like SERVICES with a drop-down list of service types, like OIL CHANGE and TIRE ROTATION.
  • You want to get your visitor interested in your services as quickly as possible and to take the next step, which should be…to give you the visitor’s email address.
  • Sure, you want to sell Oil Changes and Tire Rotations to your site visitors, but that’s not likely to happen on their first visit to your site. However, if you offer the reader some sort of inducement – like a $5 Off coupon – when they supply their email address, you will have gained a prospective new customer.

Call To Action

People do what you tell them to do, which is why skillful marketing works. ABC Motor’s Call To Action should be something like this…
Get $5 Off your next Oil Change or Tire Rotation at ABC Motors when you sign up for our newsletter.

The Real Purpose of Your Website

Now you have the prospect’s email address – which was the real purpose of your website in the first place. Hopefully he will come to you with the coupon. Then you can continue to offer your products and special deals to him/her on a continuing basis. Either way, you have the opportunity to establish a relationship with this prospect. And that is what you want.
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