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SSL Certificates

Don’t worry, we’re not going to get too technical here. SSL certificates aren’t as complicated as they might sound, but they can help you gain more website traffic and consumer trust.

How SSL Creates More Trust

SSL Certificates

When someone fills out a form on an unsecure website- like submitting reservations or payment information- that information is vulnerable to being stolen. SSL certificates create a secure link between the consumer’s information and the server to protect against these attacks.

Consumers are getting more savvy to website security and chances that they will abandon unsecure websites continues to increase, especially when browsers are pushing notifications and warnings about websites that are not protecting user information.

SSL-secured websites have the benefit of ensuring consumers that their information is safe, allowing them to gain trust in sharing information and making transactions.

How SSL Helps You Rank Higher in Searches

Another benefit of using SSL is that it is used as a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. This means, if your website is secure using SSL and a competitor’s website isn’t, your site will rank higher in search results. More security equals a better-quality website, which Google will rank higher. So, implementing SSL is definitely a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) win.

Check Your Website Security

To see if your website is secure, check your web address. If the address uses http instead of https, it is not secure and you could be losing website traffic because you are, (1) ranking lower in searches, and (2) losing consumer confidence in your ability to keep their sensitive information secure.


If you want to start ranking higher in web searched and offering more security for your website visitors, Big Rig Media can help. We will secure your website for just $145 annually which includes an encryption key, installation, and an SSL certificate.

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