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10 Useful Tips and Tricks From Experts In Smartphone Photography

As a follow-up to our recent blog article “Do You Understand the Power of Images in Marketing?” we wanted to give you 10 useful tips and tricks from experts in smartphone photography to help you achieve better photo images which will help you with your marketing efforts:

Rule of Thirds

1. Use the rule of thirds. This is a basic for any photography, regardless of device. For more info visit:

Cell Phone Lenses

2. Try adding lenses made for phones. These range from under $20 on up and can help achieve a pro look instantly.

Camera Apps

3. Use camera apps for more control. There are many apps available for Android and iOS that can take a lot of the guesswork out of smartphone photography.

Tips for Cell Phone Photography

4. Use natural lighting. Go outdoors or near windows when possible. The flash in your smartphone is unflattering and will cast a yellow light or shadows over your subject.

Smartphone Photography

5. Don’t use the Zoom feature. Unlike professional cameras, this will cause photos to come out grainy. Move-in closer instead.

Online Editing Tools

6. Use online editing tools. These can range from free to paid. Find the one that best suits your need and skill level – and even handier if you choose one that has a phone app for on-the-go editing for events and social posts.

Simple Backgrounds

7. Use a simple background that enhances, rather than detracting from, the focal point of your photo.

Adding Props to your Photo

8. Try adding a prop to your photo to make it more exciting. Think about how your product is used to come up with ideas.

online course in photography

9. Take an online course in photography for more in-depth skills. These range from free to paid and many are for Smartphone users. They also range from simple to more complex depending on what your goals are.

Camera Angles

10. Try different angles and take a variety of shots. Pro-photographers do this and so should you. You’ll end up with a few different ideas that can work for more than one platform – and you’re more likely to capture one or two special stand-out photos.

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