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Prebuilt WordPress Website Themes

A double-edged shortcut that many minor-league marketing firms and freelancers use when building a business website is to use a prebuilt WordPress theme. Using a WordPress prebuilt theme can make the process of building a business website quicker, so it’s easy to see why these marketing companies like using them. But, here’s why it’s actually a terrible idea:

1. Prebuilt WordPress Website Themes Aren’t Unique

Your business is unique, and your website should be a reflection of that uniqueness. Prebuilt WordPress themes are generic, built to sell, and they take all of the originality and character out of the brand. Since 100’s if not 1000’s of businesses are using the same prebuilt website theme, it’s much more difficult to stand out to customers.

2. Technical & Security Issues

Prebuilt website themes usually come with issues and compromises because they are mass-produced with limited quality control, and they are built to accommodate as many buyers as possible. Technical issues such as security updates, deprecated code, plugin update issues, WordPress core theme update issues, can cause major headaches and even disruptions to your business website. (Trust us! We get calls monthly about hacked WordPress sites because of cheap and free themes out there on sites like Themeforest.)

3. Slower Website Performance

Because prebuilt WordPress website themes are trying to appeal to the broadest audience, they often include a lot of extra code and bloated options that are not needed and it slows your website down. Website speed is one of the top factors in retaining website users (aka potential customers), so a slower website may cost you more than you think.

4. Not Friendly on All Browsers and Devices

With our big data research, we’ve found that an increasing number of users are relying on mobile devices and a wide variety of internet browsers to search for business websites like RV parks, Aviation, and Unions. Many of the prebuilt WordPress themes available for websites are not compatible across all platforms and devices, which may leave a gap in your profits.

5. Limited support

Often, prebuilt WordPress website themes come with very limited to non-existent customer support. That means if you have an issue, which is highly likely, you are stuck finding the fix, which could lead to website outages for undetermined amounts of time.

The Alternative to a Cookie-Cutter Theme

If you are looking for a dedicated team that will design and develop a custom website with you, be there to support you all year long, and not leave you to use a prebuilt WordPress theme Big Rig Media is your business website solution. Contact us today to get started.

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