You know you have a solid business, superior services, and a team with serious skills. So, how do you let the world know? And how do you stand out in a crowded, ever-changing marketplace?

You develop a stunning website. But no need to stress—you’re not in this alone. When you have the expert website development team at Big Rig Media helping you build it, your business will be booming in no time.

Let’s Get to Work

You: “I need a website that gets attention!”

Big Rig Media: “Let’s get to know your business first. From there, we’ll build you an engaging, fully functional, customer-friendly website that works on all devices to boost customer awareness…and your bottom line!”

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? All it takes is a phone call, email, referral, or contact submission on our website and the project is in motion.

Meet Your New Team Members

How would you like to have a creative director, project manager, web designer, graphic designer, content writer/marketer, pay per click specialist, social media guru, web developers/programmers, and server administrators on your team? Partner with us and they’re yours. You’ll work with highly trained, seasoned specialists who know that a captivating website is the result of a team effort.


And yes—the Big Rig team is as loyal and fierce as Brody when it comes to executing your project goals. We’ll guide your project through five phases:

Discovery and Research

The discovery phase ramps up with a kick-off call, the completion of a questionnaire, and contract approval. From there, we’ll have a meeting with your company and Big Rig stakeholders to gain a complete understanding of your business, goals, objectives, industry landscape, competitors, and target audience.

To keep communication moving during every phase of the process, we’ll invite you to access our project management and collaboration platform, Basecamp. Filled with detailed to-do lists, status updates, and completion dates, it becomes a vibrant hive of continual project activity from beginning to end. Any documents and images we use during the website creation process will be shared via Dropbox, an online file-hosting service.


Once we have a clear idea of your design goals, we’ll produce a wireframe (or site map) designed to convert visitors into buyers. Upon approval, we will populate the wireframe with compelling action-driven, copy that’s SEO friendly, along with amazing graphics. The design phase ends with your review and approval of the final design concept.


The development phase is where the magic happens. Here, we build out the internal framework and begin coding to bring all graphics, content, navigation to life. Your website will load quickly with full functionality and easy accessibility on all devices.

Links to any social media like Facebook, Twitter, e-commerce pages, signups, reservations, and purchases will also be coded during this phase.


We’ll then populate your “beta site” to begin comprehensive testing on major browsers and mobile devices. For e-commerce, we’ll test the checkout functions to ensure that tax, shipping, and payment methods all work seamlessly. Once achieved, full production moves ahead as we continue testing and ensuring the accuracy of images, SEO tags, fonts, and other specifics, staying consistent with the initial design comp.

You’ll know what’s happening every step of the way during this phase, as we communicate back and forth with you to manage revisions, and check and triple-check functionality. When we’ve populated the site, you’ll receive an email with a link for your review.

3-2-1 Launch!

When every aspect of the website looks and performs exactly as planned, it’s go time! We’ll activate Google analytics, launch the site, and send you a congratulatory email with the link.


Stayin’ Alive

The fun doesn’t stop there. Big Rig Media website development includes one hour of free training on how to update your site. We’ll also make sure your site stays current with the latest software updates, security tests, and virus scans. Help is always available by phone, email, and support tickets online.

Ready to Get Found? Contact Big Rig Media TODAY!

About Big Rig Media

Since 2000, Big Rig Media has built thousands of world class websites for customers in the US and abroad. Verticals we have developed websites for include hospitality; RV parks and resorts; chartered jets; apparel; interior design; fitness; unions and labor; franchisors; construction and countless others. We’ve been tracking development trends for decades to stay on the cutting edge, so we’re primed to deliver stellar websites, graphic design (print and online collateral), online marketing, and website hosting.

Get in touch with Big Rig Media today. We’re ready to help you drive your business forward! Give us a call at (866) 524-4744 or email us at

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