iStock_000005024691XSmallThere have been studies on the way people view websites—what draws them in and what drives them away. This is the first in a periodic series on how visitors will “see” your website (whether they are conscious of it or not!).

  • F-pattern: Studies tracking eyeball movements on computer screens suggest that viewers read websites using an F pattern eye scan. 
  • Webpage Position: Content placed in premium positions on the page is perceived as more important. 
  • Bolding: Bolded type attracts the eye because of the contrast with the words around them.
  • Reading: Figure that only 20% of the words on your page will be read. 
  • What Millennials Anticipate on a Website:Millennials (the generation born beginning in 1984; the new baby boomers because of their sheer numbers) expect websites to know what they want when they get there!

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