twitterWhy is it that after you buy clothes online from L.L. Bean that it seems that on every other site you visit, you see their ads?

It’s a targeted ad and everyone appears to be doing it. Twitter, for example, is offering targeted ads. Let’s say that you print decals and logos on t-shirts and you want to feature a Christmas special. However, you want a targeted audience only to view the ad meaning those who have visited your site, current customers and individuals who subscribe to your newsletter. 

Twitter will flash promotional tweets that you create to those accounts only (after you have provided scrambled email addresses or browser cookie IDs), hopefully increasing your ad effectiveness. 

Vine is a new video sharing app that has been launched by Twitter. It is designed so users can film short (up to six second) events that can be linked together to play in a continuous loop on Twitter’s timeline.

The app is downloaded to your device. It’s being sold as the best way to share life in motion with your family and friends. One problem may be that Vine cannot access Facebook friends for now, anyway. 

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Big Data

With over 2.5 quintillion bytes of information bombarding the internet each day, the question becomes: What are you doing with your data slice? Employee, customer, prospect and supplier interactions with your business occur each day. You want to figure out a way to make the data you receive positively impact your bottom line.

One way to do this is to turn the data into actionable items. For example, transactional data can be used to find out who your most profitable customers are, where they are coming from and what items sell best.

Non-transactional data (from sites like Facebook or Yelp) is more related to customer engagement or the perception of your brand. Studying this data can also improve your company. As an example, a “My Starbucks Idea” campaign produced over 100,000 ideas for the company to ponder.

Correctly managing data related to your company is almost an art form in itself.

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