Data Security

Three Tasks you must diligently do with your business information


The importance of backing up your data cannot be overemphasized. Computers sputter, they halt in the middle of work, they die. Don’t allow yours to do that. Even when you have backup, check it. For example, we know of a worker using the hopefully forgotten, Windows Vista, that experienced a sudden computer demise.

He thought because he used one of the popular backup systems, his data would be no problem to recover. Upon calling the back-up firm, he learned that they needed more user attention with Vista. He was not aware of that and ended up losing everything. Oh, the back-up company gave him a few thousand dollars but he never recovered that valuable data.

2.Password Security

It can be a pain to insist on password security like mandated password configurations, captcha, password changes every 90 days, etc. However, people do give their passwords out and relationships can change before the giver changes the password, and then who knows what can happen?

3.Updating Your Software

Software, like everything in your house if left unattended, gets dusty, creaky and ineffective. You know how you are prompted to update your computer and phones every few months or so? Make sure your software maintenance includes periodic updates. You do not want a retuning customer to find something that does not work on your site that worked fine on the last visit.

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