twitterWhile it may be tempting to dismiss Twitter as a fad, evidence suggests that it is anything but (the same with Facebook). According to SearchEngineWat, both of these platforms are expected to continue expansion into world markets. You have to consider Twitter and Facebook as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

While they can be connected, remember that Twitter and Facebook are two completely different platforms. 

Here are five things you may want to know about Twitter:

    1. Twitter is all about making connections and sharing and obtaining information.
    2. You can begin by following people based on interests and professions by checking on sites like See how others use Twitter before you begin tweeting.
    3. Twitter only allows 140 character tweets to be transmitted.
    4. Followers may be slow in coming but if you stay with it, you will gather them.
    5. There are sites ( is one) who will schedule your tweets for you.

As a Big Rig Media public service announcement to any readers with children, following are seven Twitter and text messages they may use and their meaning: 

  • 143 (I love you)
  • 182 (I hate you)
  • 303 (Mom)
  • CD9 (Parent in the room)
  • 99 (Parent has left)
  • A3 (Anyplace, anywhere, anytime)
  • ASL (Age, sex, location)

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