If you have a WordPress site, they offer some free plugins, as do other vendors, that will make your site more mobile friendly. However, the best way to do it is to create your site using what’s called Responsive Design, which we’ve talked about before in this space.</

Responsive web design means that your site is constructed, from the start, so that the content, images, structure and functionality remain the same on any device. When your site is accessed via a smartphone or other device, the site retracts to fit on the smaller screen.

Google (with 67% of the search market share) likes responsive design because it is easier to bot crawl a site coded with it and index/organize it for search engine results. That’s because there is just one URL. If you have two sites, mobile and desktop, it forces the exact same crawls on two different URLs, making the process less efficient.

Not to mention, if your site is not device optimized, your visitor is viewing less than an optimal look, which could cause a quick, never to return bounce.

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