After Facebook and Twitter, what is the most popular social networking site? Pinterest. In fact, statistics suggest that more than two million users create product pins every day and shoppers from Pinterest are 10% more likely to buy compared to visitors from other social media platforms.

Make your Pinterest an official business account to access the many features otherwise not available including metrics and analytics showing unique visitors, impressions, and site visits.

Pinterest- Internet Marketing

One technique to consider is rich pins that include relevant meta tags. The five rich pin categories are:

  • Product: pricing and other buying information.
  • Recipe: cooking times, ingredients, and serving sizes.
  • Article: link, headline, and author name.
  • Movie: ratings, reviews, and cast members.
  • Place: contact information and a map.

One tip to remember with this strong visual medium is that pins showing the real-life use of products posted 30% more click through rates (CTRs) and a 170% better check out rate than pins just showing products.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Ikea’s Augmented Reality Application: Allows a customer to see how possible purchases look in their home which boosts customer satisfaction and decreases returns.
  • Netflix Recommendation Engine: Saves $1 billion per year by increasing customer retention.
  • Mall of America’s exponential list formulator (E.L.F.): Suggests customer needs through messaging to help shoppers plan a personalized itinerary during a mall visit.

(AR)Augmented Reality - Internet Marketing

B2B Content Marketing

The top tactics used by B2B content marketers are:

  • 94% Social media posts (no video)
  • 73% Case studies
  • 72% Pre-produced videos
  • 72% Infographics
  • 71% White papers / eBooks
  • 6% Illustrations


To manage content marketing, B2B marketers use analytics, content management systems, email marketing technology, marketing automation software and webinar/online presentation platforms.

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