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Photoshop has become an industry standard and is available in many versions such as Photoshop Elements, available at:

It’s easy to see the file size of a photo online. Rightclick the mouse over the photo online and click Properties. The type of photo, size and pixel dimensions will be displayed.

To resize a large image in Photoshop

Step 1:

Open the image you want to resize

Go to Image > Image Size


Step 2:

Make sure Constrain Proportions and Resample Image are checked

Under Document Size, set the desired size.(This area is typically measured in inches)

Under Resolution, set the desired resolution (72 pixels/inch is typical for web images)

*Keep in mind that when you change resolution or document size, it will change pixel dimensions, etc. Be aware of the size you are trying to achieve.

Click OK


Step 3:

Go to File > Save for Web (Save file as a jpg with a Very High setting.)