marketing (1)A recent Leo Burnett report called the Transformation of Aspiration, suggested five customer realities to keep in mind when marketing your products and services:

  1. Earn trust and repeat visits by treating all customers fairly no matter how you perceive their status.
  2. Refrain from presuming about the family life of your customers. Diverse families are the reality. (The days of families like those in 1950s television sitcoms are over.)
  3. Avoid assumptions about gender roles. An increase in women out-earning men and stay-at-home-dads has altered traditional gender stereotypes.
  4. Indulge your customer. Satisfaction trumps what we know we should do or eat (most choose burgers over salads).
  5. Daily deal sites have made customers used to big discounts. Integrate special offers with customer loyalty programs. Offer personalized deals to good customers.

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