Does your business convey the right tone through social media to effectively communicate the values and goals of your brand?

Conveying the Right Tone Through Social Media

Consider PLAT (these are examples) as you set the tone for your brand:

  • Purpose: entertain, instruct, inform
  • Language: casual, professional, in between
  • Audience: location, occupation, demographics
  • Tone: serious, concerned, cheerful

Does Your Social Media Convey the Right Tone? | Big Rig Media

Applied to a well-defined target market, a good PLAT creates a distinctive business that builds trust and loyalty through social media.

Help Customers Remember Your Brand:

Stick to a brand’s voice on social media to fully engage customers. Make sure everyone involved in social media marketing uses the same tone.

Translate Voice to Tone:

Stay authentic because customers appreciate businesses that are true to themselves.

Translating Voice to Brand:

Define and write company values down, prepare a detailed social media customer service strategy, and build a social jargon list.

Champion Brand Transparency:

Today’s customers want to know everything about products, services, and the company. This is especially true when the business makes a mistake. Share errors openly.

Great Branding Tone Examples:
  • Dove sells self-care and beauty products using a social media tone of body positivity encouragement.
  • Domino’s discovered a list of customer complaints, shared them with the public, and communicated the plan for correcting the issues.
  • Calm is an app that helps with mindfulness with posts containing soothing imagery and tips on ways to improve well-being.

Customers seek a brand voice to access the human side of your business and they remember how messages make them feel. Tones that strike an emotion, compel comments and message sharing.

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