A Step-by-Step Guide for Facebook Marketing Success

Selecting Big Rig Media to guide your Facebook marketing strategy is a strategic move toward enhancing your online presence. A critical step in this partnership involves granting Big Rig Media Full Facebook Access – Admin Level on your business account. This step is crucial for enabling comprehensive data analysis, effective strategy formulation, and precise execution.

Why Full Facebook Access Matters

Full access is fundamental for us to perform at our best. It allows us to access the necessary tools and insights to optimize your Facebook campaigns, ensuring we can deliver tailored strategies that hit the mark. Without this level of access, our view is limited, and so is our ability to drive your Facebook success.

Granting Full Access to Big Rig Media: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s how to ensure Big Rig Media has the access needed to supercharge your Facebook marketing:

  1. Connect with Jeff Beyer: Start the process by sending a friend request to Jeff Beyer on Facebook via https://www.facebook.com/beyerjeff. 
  1. Wait for Acceptance: Keep an eye out for Jeff to accept your friend request.
  1. Go to Your Managed Page: After Jeff has accepted the friend request, navigate to the Facebook page you manage. Ensure you’re in the correct role to manage the page’s settings.
  1. Access Page Settings: On your page, locate and click on ‘Settings.’ This will be within the sidebar menu to the left.


  1. Switch to New Pages Experience: In the settings menu, find and select the option for ‘New Pages Experience.’ This updates your interface to access the latest page management features.


  1. Select Page Access: Once in the New Pages Experience, look for the ‘Page Access’ option and select it. This area allows you to manage access permissions for your page.


  1. Add New to People with Facebook Access: Click on ‘Add New’ next to ‘People with Facebook access.’ pastedGraphic_3.png
  1. Review Facebook Access Details: A window will appear explaining what Facebook access entails. Read through this information and click ‘Next’ to proceed.


  1. Enter Jeff Beyer’s Name: In the prompt asking “Who should have Facebook access to this Page?” type in ‘Jeff Beyer.’ Select his profile from the suggestions that appear.


  1. Adjust Access Level: In the new window, you’ll see a toggle button to allow the person to have full control. Turn on this toggle to ensure Jeff has complete access to manage the page.


  1. Confirm by Giving Access: Finally, click the ‘Give Access’ button to officially grant Jeff Beyer full control over your Facebook page.
The Future of Facebook Marketing Analytics for Businesses

Granting full Facebook access to Big Rig Media is more than a procedural step; it’s a gateway to unlocking the full potential of your Facebook marketing efforts. This allows us to dive deep into analytics, craft strategies that resonate with your target audience, and execute campaigns that drive results. If you encounter any issues or have questions during this process, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our aim is to make this as smooth and straightforward as possible, ensuring we can get to work on propelling your brand forward on Facebook.

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