Understanding Support Tickets: When to Submit & When to Call

At Big Rig Media, we understand that getting the most out of customer support can sometimes be tricky. Knowing whether to submit a support ticket or make a direct call with us can save you time and lead to quicker, more efficient resolutions. In this post, we’ll delve into ‘support tickets‘ and guide you on the best course of action for your specific needs.

What are Support Tickets?

Support tickets, as we handle them at Big Rig Media, are a standard method for requesting technical help or minor updates. They are perfect for straightforward issues that don’t need immediate, in-depth conversations. Examples include minor website updates, text or image changes, or DNS (Domain Name System) adjustments.

Simple Issues Best Suited for Support Tickets

For simple, quick-fix issues, support tickets are your best choice. They allow our team to efficiently track and address your needs, ensuring nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Typical scenarios for tickets might include updating contact information, fixing a broken link, or adjusting a minor layout issue.

Complex Inquiries Beyond Support Tickets

Some requests require more than what a support ticket can cover. These include comprehensive projects like website redesign, e-commerce integration, or adding new functionalities to your site. In these cases, a direct consultation is necessary to fully understand the scope and nuances of the project.

The Importance of Properly Categorizing Your Request

Properly categorizing your request as a support ticket or a call for consultation is crucial. It ensures that your issue is addressed by the right department and in the most effective manner. This categorization helps in speeding up the resolution process and ensures that your needs are met with the appropriate level of expertise and attention.

How to Submit a Ticket

When you visit the Big Rig Media Support page, you’ll find clear options to guide your request. Assess if your issue is a quick fix for a support ticket. For these simpler issues, click on the Submit a Ticket button. For more complex requirements like website redesign or software integration, opt for the Quick Consult Call with our team.

Your Digital Journey with Big Rig Media

Understanding when to use support tickets versus when to call for a consultation with Big Rig Media can greatly impact the resolution efficiency. For quick fixes, a support ticket is your go-to. For more complex, detailed inquiries, a direct call ensures specialized attention from our dedicated team.

At Big Rig Media, we’re here to help you navigate your digital challenges effectively.

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