Remarketing Ads

Congratulations! Two percent of all the folks who viewed your website took action on their very first visit. They asked for more information, signed a petition, or even bought something.

Since the #1 rule of advertising is repetition-repetition-repetition, remarketing – sometimes known as retargeting, is a method to capture the other 98% and get them to take action also.

How It Works

Have you ever looked up a product or service, like lawn care or formal dresses, and found your Facebook feed, even your online newspaper are suddenly flooded with ads from the same or similar vendors whose site you just viewed?

Nowadays, most sites you visit offer a dialogue box informing you of their use of ‘cookies’ and ask you to agree before proceeding. The cookie, or pixel, is a tiny invisible code that learns the viewer’s IP address and can then remarket ads to remind those who previously visited your website about your goods or services.

Retargeting is slightly different because it alerts a new group of internet users who have viewed products or services similar to yours.

Both approaches are effective because they focus your advertising on people who have recently demonstrated their interest by viewing your site or similar sites.

When It Works

No matter how folks find your website – whether through organic search, social media ads, or through a retargeting campaign – remarketing to those viewers is a powerful way to convert lookers into buyers.

You may want to increase awareness of your brand. Perhaps you have introduced a new product or have a special time-sensitive price offering.

You may want to get viewers further down into your advertising funnel, perhaps by having them fill out an information request or subscribing to your newsletter. All of these bits of data help to form a complete picture of your potential customer so you can deliver ads that precisely relate to his/her stated desires.

And of course, you are looking for conversion. That moment when the viewer fills his shopping cart, enters his credit card number, and checks out.

Here’s good news…

Remarketing messages are 76% more likely to be clicked on and produce results than the initial contact.

Don’t know how to do all this yourself? Big Rig Media has the expertise to make it happen for you.

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