In the digital era, the phone, for calling, is alive and well.
According to a 2020 study by Dialogtech, web forms accounted for 66% of leads per year and resulted in 37% of annual revenue.  34% of leads were generated from inbound phone calls,.  Inbound phone calls, generating 63% of annual revenue.
While prospects will find your company using digital and online methods, many still prefer to initiate contact via a phone call.
Why?  Inbound phone callers are motivated to take action, want an immediate answer, and are in many cases more ready to make a purchase.
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Decrease Your Advertising Spend with Call Tracking

When a prospect responds to one of your multiple methods of advertising – digital marketing, internet landing pages, billboards, radio, magazines, TV, direct mail, newspapers, social media – pretty much anything – how do you know which one caught their attention and caused them to call?
If you don’t know, you can, so you can direct more of your advertising budget to the most productive type of media. You will save money and increase conversions when your advertising dollars are spent in the highest converting and ROI places.
For a simple example, if call tracking reveals that 40% of your callers (and their dollars) are coming from billboards you placed in Montana and only 2% are coming from pricey radio ads in New York, it’s time to get more billboards and scrap the radio station.

How Call Tracking Works

Basic call tracking software works by assigning a separate trackable phone number to each of your marketing efforts. You do not need a bank of phones for each separate number, because the trackable number rings your regular phone as usual.  It’s the tracking number that is recording the data.
Dynamic Number Insertion works by placing a piece of JavaScript code on your website. Whenever someone visits your site, the code dynamically replaces the phone number on each page with a unique trackable number tied to each visitor, how they found you, and their session.
When they call, the software captures all the data on the caller and makes it available for you, the website owner, to view in reports. This technology is ideal for attributing calls from digital advertising, SEO, and website interactions.
Simply put, the tracking software from companies like CallRail ( records which type of marketing was the source of the call, as well as other useful info like…

  • Caller identification
  • Call routing
  • Campaign attribution

  • Conversion tracking
  • Call recording
  • Keyword tracking

Any industry that relies on inbound phone calls for lead generation should employ Call Tracking Technology. Big Rig Media has been helping businesses leverage tracking tools like this and acquire more leads and make more sales for over 20 years.

Save Money and Make Money

When you let our experts enhance your success with Call Tracking Technology.

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