Search engines favor sites with well-written, meaningful, current content. Frequently updating your blog or articles on a regular basis satisfies this requirement and moves your website higher in the rankings.

If you are going to write your own blog, include a keyword in the title or headline of every blog post.

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Here’s how to start your own blog…
And use it to increase your page rank with SEO

Research other blogs – check your competitors’ blogs to see what they’re writing about. For example, if you own a bakery shop, try looking for ‘dessert blogs’ or ‘pastry blogs’. Use that information to check their Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram pages to see which posts garner the most likes and shares.

Set your goals – Do you want to sell more products or services? Be a recognized authority in your field? Or just connect with your customers on a more personal level? Whatever your purpose, stay with it and add meaningful keywords along the way. Your goal will help you choose good blog post subjects.

Select your topics and keywords – Choose topics that will push your biggest keywords, or try to target a more niche audience by focusing on keywords that you weren’t able to use in your site’s core content. For instance, if you have recently added a dog run to your RV park and wish to target pet owners, use phrases like ‘Pet Friendly’ or ‘Dogs Accepted’ in the blog post title.

Here are some good ideas to get you started on topics:
  • FAQ’s – If somebody has asked you a question, chances are good that somebody else wants to know that answer too.
  • New products or services – Did you invent a new dessert? People want to know all about it.
  • Trends and Current events – Was there a news story about the mayor’s catered dinner? Was it your catered desserts? This could start a trend. Blog post!
  • Stories – People love stories and they love to see their own names in print. If you’ve had a fun experience with a customer, ask their permission and share that tale with your followers.
  • How-to’s and Tips – Your readers want to try to do it themselves. And they will thank you for showing them how.
  • Testimonials – The strongest advertising that money can’t buy. Your readers trust what others say about you even more than they trust what you say about yourself. Create a method for soliciting customer testimonials and add them – when appropriate – to other topics. Did someone praise that wedding cake? Add it to the ‘How to bake a wedding cake’ post, for example.

Blog-writing tips for SEO

For do-it-yourself blog writers, here are a few blog-writing tips from Big Rig Media…

  • Set a schedule for your blog posts and stick to it. Write a blog post, then write another one. Do it again. It takes a while, but it definitely works. Your website will get more visitors, and you will get more customers coming through your doors.
  • Strive for 300 – 500 words, but if they’re longer, that’s OK too. One more tip…now that everybody reads everything on their cell phones, try to keep your paragraphs fairly short so it’s easier to read on a small screen. And of course, make sure it’s interesting.
  • Be sure to add keywords – in a natural way, of course – to every blog post you create. This is the most important element for SEO. Include your choice keyword phrases in the post title, opening paragraph, closing paragraph, and a headline within the post. Adding an image with an alt tag containing your keyword will also help.

Concerned that you don’t have the time, the resolve, or the writing ability to do this week after week? Big Rig Media can help. We’ll talk you through it or take over where you left off. Give us a call, shoot us an email, or fill out the contact form on our website and we will be happy to help.

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