When you set up Google Analytics, you can measure, gather, analyze and report internet data you can use to optimize web usage for your company. Specifically, on-site analytics measure:

  • The number of website visitors
  • Number of page views and how long visitors remained on a page
  • Geographic distribution of visitors

These tools can be especially valuable for market research to tell you how to assess and enhance the quality of your website when it comes to attracting and then persuading customers to buy your product/service. 

Now, Google has come up with a tool that allows the user to see conversions in real time against their conversion goals. 

This incredibly relevant feature will allow businesses to precisely track conversions as they are happening, to measure the effectiveness of their latest TV commercial, email blast, banner ad, etc. 

One live bar graph shows hits per minute within 30 minute increments. The other shows conversions per second within one minute increments. The table below the graphs displays all of the goal achievements and the percentage each is contributing to the total goal. 

Six Other Google Analytics Benefits

Six Other Google Analytics Benefits

  1. Visitor Location: You can see a map of where your visitors are originating from and drill down to metropolitan area. This could help you with shipping decisions, for example, if you see that website traffic is coming from outside your location.
  2. Mobile: If you click on Reporting – Audience – Mobile – Overview, you can see how many of your visitors are coming to the site via a mobile device—useful knowledge that may make you want to ensure your site is optimized for mobile.
  3. Conversions: You can go to Reporting – Conversions – Goals – Goal Flow, to find out how many prospects are contacting you after visiting your contacts page. You can also see how many are leaving the page before they hit the submit button.
  4. Where Visitors Go: Reporting – Content – Site Content – All Pages, will take you to which pages are getting the most visitors.
  5. Bounce Rate: You can find out how many visitors leave after viewing just one page which is referred to as the Bounce Rate (the lower rate the better).
  6. Referring Sites: The Analytics platform also lets you know what sites are referring traffic to your website.

For a free tool, Google Analytics provides a lot of useful information for businesses of all sizes. 

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