Content marketing works and below are some tips on approaches to consider using to keep your business vital.

Print Brochures, How-To guides, whitepapers

Books / Whitepapers / How-to Guides:

Writing informative material is a powerful way to attract prospects and keep clients. Books, articles, and white papers lure customers that begin the buying cycle by doing research on the product or service.

Video Communication, Video Advertising


Experts know that just a small part of human communication is verbal. Most communication occurs on the non-verbal level and videos communicate on this deeper level. You can enhance your message by how you look, how confidently you talk, and by what is happening in the background by using videos.

Experiences, Live Events

Experiences and live events:

People at an event see people around them interested in the same subject while experiencing content within a bond between your firm and your prospects and customers.

Webinars to Attract Clients


Webinars effectively deliver content and can double as a sales tool when you link expiring offers to them.


Mobile Marketing

The rise of mobile phones has been remarkable with about 65.9% of the world’s population owning a mobile phone in 2018. Other stats around this fact are meaningful to small business owners:

  • Mobile and tablet represent 57% of online traffic while desktops are used 43% of the time.
  • Users spend 56% more time on tablets and phone than PCs.
  • Consumers 16 to 24 and 25 to 34 spend 3.26 hours and 2.69 hours per day respectively on mobile devices.
  • Smartphone conversion rates are on average 64% higher on mobile than on desktop computer
  • 48% of millennials only watch videos on mobile devices.

Mobile Marketing

Tips to keep up with this trend:

  • Create a mobile friendly website
  • Use social media

  • Consider native video advertising
  • Accept payments on mobile

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