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Big Rig Media uses state of the art technology to protect its clients from Spam. We utilize RBl’s, daily spam definition updates and more.

By default all Big Rig Media clients have their Spam folder enabled. Users receive reports daily at 6am with a detailed listing of what’s in their spam folder.

Step 1:

ALL SPAM SETTINGS are controlled within Big Rig Webmail. To make setting changes users must log into

Disabling Spam:


Check this box if you want your incoming messages to be processed with IceWarp Anti Spam engine.


Check this box if you want your incoming messages to go through the Quarantine process.

Spam Reports Mode:

The Spam Report is a daily email containing a list of Spam and/or Quarantined items that have come in to your mail queue. Choose the format and content of your Spam Report.

Spam Folder Mode:

You can choose to have all Spam messages delivered to a separate folder. By default this folder is called Spam, but may have been mapped to another folder
name via Folder Mapping. Select one of the three options from the dropdown:

Default – Go with the default option set by your system administrator.


White and Blacklist