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When on vacation or just away from the office, the Autoresponder is useful to keep clients appraised as to your whereabouts automatically.

Login to Big Rig Media Webmail at:


In the upper left menu bar select: Tools> Options> Autoresponder


If the Mode: Is disabled set to either, Always, Once or Again after Period

Disabled – The autoresponder is never invoked.

Respond always – The autoresponder will be invoked for all incoming messages, even if they are from the same person.

Respond once – The Responder will respond once to each sending email address, so if you receive 10 emails from the same person, they will only get a response to the first one.

Respond again after period – The responder will respond to the first email from ascending address, and will not respond to that address again for the number of days specified in the next option.

Enter the number of days between responses for the Respond again after period option above.

Enter your information in the “From” and “Subject” fields and the appropriate text.



Subject: Out of Office – do not reply.

Text: This is an automatically generated auto-responder message. I will be out of the office on vacation and will answer your message as soon as possible.

Thank You

Respond only if between: Use the two boxes to specify to and from dates for the responder to be active. Use the ‘…’ buttons to open calendar selectors. This option allows you to set up the responder in advance of your absence, as long as you know the dates.

Click OK to save auto responder set up.