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Need help? You’ve come to the right place.

Step 1:

Open your Mail app from your Apps list or from the Accounts menu in your Settings.

If this is your first email account then it will ask you start entering your information. If not, press the dropdown button to the top-left to open the Accounts list. (You can also press the Menu button and select “Accounts list” to do this)


Step 2:

Once you have the accounts list open select “New account”.


Step 3:

Select “Other (Pop3/IMAP)”


Step 4:

Enter your email and password provided to you by Big Rig Media.

Press Next.


Step 5:

Enter the following information


Step 6:

Enter the following information


Step 7:

Enter your email address under “Account name”.

Optionally, you can check the “Make this my default mail account” and/or change the “Your name” field. Otherwise, press Finish setup.


Step 8:

You should now be at you inbox for your new mail account through Big Rig Media.