As usual, the CES held from January 6 – 10 in Las Vegas, gave a peak into the future of technology from entertainment devices to drones:

  • Toyota showed off their SmartDeviceLink software which acts as a base for connectivity and automotive infotainment systems in cars.
  • Speaking of cars, there were plenty of self-driving and semi-autonomous vehicles at the show. Another, is the electric Chevy Bolt which has a 200-mile per hour charge range and will go for <$30,000 with rebate.
  • Virtual reality (allowing users to interact in a real or imagined world) is everywhere. This includes the HTC Vive which is an immersive VR experience for PCs that is coming later this year.
  • Bigger, smaller, smarter and more agile drones were showcased at the show. One eye-catcher was the Ehang 184 which is an octorotor aircraft designed to transport a passenger at altitudes of 1,000 feet or more.
  • The Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator has a large touchscreen on the door and houses internal cameras that can send real-time snapshots of milk and orange juice levels.

Wearables continue to expand beyond the wrist to everything from smart shirts, suits, bras and glasses. Most monitor body activity and are designed to put us all on the path to improved health and more dynamic fitness.

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