Have you ever wondered why, when you purchase something from say, a clothing store online, that you will soon be seeing ads for that store appearing on other content you view? It’s not a coincidence. It’s known as remarketing.

Twitter is attempting new ways to make their ads more relevant by using remarketing for their advertisers.

How Twitter Remarkets

For example, if a gift shop wants to feature holiday gift stuffed animals they might only want an audience they target to see the ad. This group may include those who have visited their site, bought something in the past and/or signed up for their newsletter.

To get to those targets, the gift shop owner provides a scrambled email address or a browser cookie ID to Twitter. Twitter then matches that information to the accounts and makes sure they see the promotional tweets that include the holiday stuffed animals.
The advertisers are not provided any additional user information. Users can also opt out of promotional content by unchecking the promoted content on their Twitter account settings.

Remarketing is another topic that we will be covering in more detail in 2014 newsletters.

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