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Your job is to keep your customers in shape. Make sure your website is as buff as your clientele.

Whether staying fit, slimming down or toning up, potential clients want to see that your website keeps pace with their needs and lifestyle.

Which means that, at minimum, you post:

  • Location(s) and hours
  • Class schedules
  • Equipment and machine availability
  • Personal trainer sign-up
  • What makes you different from – and better than – other fitness centers

And you want to have all of your products, services and benefits thoughtfully designed and artfully displayed on a website that’s easy to navigate.

Big Rig Media uses high-res photos and graphics, informative videos, interactive scheduling, staff bios and nutritional data (if so desired) to create the professional, informative fitness experience your members sign up for!

We love our new flyers that Big Rig produced!

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