Some 2016 Tech Trends

The overall trends for 2016 impact all of our businesses. We see advances and shifts that focus on the internet of things.

  • 1. The Internet of Things or (/IOT): This term refers to everyday objects that contain network connectivity so they can send and receive information (like the refrigerator from the CES show mentioned below.).
  • 2. The Device Mesh: An expanding set of mobile, wearable, consumer and home electronics, automotive and environmental devices we use to access applications and information as well as interact with social communities, other people, businesses and the government.
  • 3. Apps and Digital Marketing: Apps are the future of internet marketing and are revolutionizing the way users search and buy goods and services. An interesting stat here is that users spend 90% of their mobile searches on apps.
  • 4. Online Video: By 2017, 69% of all consumer internet traffic will be video. Also, statistics show that 7 in 10 people look at brands in a more positive light after watching related video content.
  • 5. Target Marketing: More refined targeting and stronger engagement with selected segments will emerge. Marketers want to make their information available to only those the company knows want it.

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