Body Language Tips

Here are some interesting tips about body language to consider as you interact with prospects and customers (or with anyone, for that matter), face to face:

  1. Sustaining eye contact- suggests confidence while forging trust.
  2. Using a table to resting an arm or hand- expresses interest.
  3. Leaning in and nodding head- seen as a sign of attention being paid.
  4. A tilt of the head- shows commitment or approval.
  5. Checking a phone, looking at watch, rubbing the back of the neck- indicates boredom, restlessness, and / or impatience.
  6. Using hand gestures- displays a liveliness and friendliness.
  7. Smiling warmly- puts people at ease, shows sincerity, dependability, and an inclination to listen.
  8. Crossing arms in front of chest- closed to new ideas, not listening, internally skeptical.

Eight Body Language Tips to Consider | Big Rig Media

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