As we discussed in the November, 2013 newsletter, remarketing is getting more and more popular as sites like Twitter are allowing it. Remarketing, if you recall, lets you continue to reach people who have visited your site. It helps make a connection with those potential customers while they search on other websites or on Google.

There are several ways to use remarketing using Google:

  • For example, if you have a Google Merchant Account, you can create dynamic ads that include the product image, name and price.
  • Mobile apps are also a key remarketing spot. You can reach customers who have visited specific areas of your mobile app. Your ads will pop up for them when they use other apps.
  • Remarketing while searching is another way of connecting with potential customers. You can use keywords, set bid adjustments and tailor search ads to your visitors.
  • No matter where they are on the web, you can also implement a broad “Remarketing for the Display Network” campaign for your prospects. (Note:The Display Network is one part of the Google Network for all the webpages where AdWords ads can appear.)

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