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Thoughts on the Latest Technology News, Marketing Tips & Must-Have Gadgets.

Take Advantage of Cloud Computing

You may have heard of cloud computing but be uncertain as to what it exactly means. We have provided some information below: The word “cloud” in cloud computing means the internet. So, the full term simply means computing via the internet. You are not restricted to a server in your office.  An example of this … Read More

Update Your Website

Keep your website dynamic and current by posting your promotions on a timely basis. Not only will your website be ready for sales, the act of updating it will ensure your site stays eligible for good search engine rankings. 

Prepare Your Marketing Calendar for Next Year

Make sure you take the time to prepare your annual marketing calendar. Insert activities in and around your critical selling periods into easy to manage task timelines. Cause your business to flourish next year because you made prospects aware of your products and services at precisely the right time! 

Big Rig Media Launches New Interior Design Website

David is a well-known California interior designer. Decorating homes for such notables as Maria Shriver and actor, Rob Lowe, his creativity in blending timeless design elements have earned his style the name “California Elegant.” David’s most recent press includes pieces inArchitectural Digest and M Magazine. The Big Rig Media staff created a simple but elegant … Read More

Big Rig Media Acknowledged in Critically Acclaimed Book

In addition to his CEO duties at Big Rig Media, Jeff Beyer has gone Secret Service! His interest in the government agency stems from developing the website, The Kennedy Detail, for the authors of that book, Gerald Blaine and Lisa McCubbin. (Note: Big Rig Media even received a generous mention in the book.) Despite his … Read More

Website Facts

Following are some facts about internet from various sources: The five fastest rising searches on Google through 2010 so far are chatroulette, iPad, Justin Beiber, Nicki Minaj and friv (by the way this means frijole virus). The five fastest falling searches on Google through 2010 so far are swine flu, wamu, new moon, mininova and Susan Boyle. Citing eye-tracking studies, web usability … Read More

Big Rig Media Launches Author’s Website

The Kennedy Detail tells the story of that awful 1963 day from the viewpoint of the Secret Service Detail assigned to protect JFK. The Big Rig Media staff created a visually pleasing website that showcases the book in the colors appropriate to the topic. For readers interested in this book (to be released in November) … Read More

More Website Facts

Following are some facts on internet usage from various sources: There are 251,290,289 internet users in the United States. (There are over 310 million people in the US). In 2008, the tipping point was reached between yellow pages and internet searches. It was the first year people did local internet searches more often than searching … Read More

Big Rig Media Launches New Teamsters Union Website

Big Rig Media developed a purposeful, member friendly, information rich website for this Teamster Local. The dynamic site includes 3D appearing pics, newsletters, downloadable publications, the ability for member surveys/updates and a current event calendar. The contrasting colors create a vibrant and easy view.  Visit

How Visitors View Websites

There have been studies on the way people view websites—what draws them in and what drives them away. This is the first in a periodic series on how visitors will “see” your website (whether they are conscious of it or not!). F-pattern: Studies tracking eyeball movements on computer screens suggest that viewers read websites using an … Read More

We love our new flyers that Big Rig produced!

Quantum Fitness

Big Rig Media captured our Interior Design business online. Thanks to Big Rig Media we have increased our online visibility!

Cynthia Marks , Cynthia Marks Interiors

Big Rig Media provided a world class website for my tattoo studio Six Feet Under. Thanks Big Rig for making it happen so quick!

Corey Miller , LA Ink Star

Hollywood Teamsters Local 399 sincerely thanks Big Rig Media for all their services!

Leo Reed , Local 399

Really glad we went with you guys… You guys are amazing. Thank you so much. Looks great.

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